Chapter 17 Donating Wheelchairs

Chapter 17 Las Vegas Nevada

VVA Chapter 17 is donating its surplus of wheelchairs and other assistive items to Las Vegas, Nevada-area veterans in need. 

For years, the chapter has been receiving and distributing donations of wheelchairs, walkers, scooters, and lifts to veterans in need.

Living up to the VVA mantra ‘never again will one generation of veterans abandon another’, the chapter provides the assistance items to veterans of all eras. In many cases, the cause of a veteran’s limited mobility is due to their efforts of defending America’s freedom.

The surplus of wheelchairs is available to veterans, members of the armed forces, and other members of the community expressing a need for increased mobility.

One such recipient of Chapter 17’s donations was the local Air Force Hospital, who in 2014 received four wheelchairs, a paraplegic wheelchair, and a lounger.

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