Veterans Against Drugs Ice Skating Event

Silver Spring, MD, where the VVA National Headquarters is located, has suffered for many years with a growth of Drug Abuse and Violence. The Veteran Against Drugs is a VVA Community Service Program.The VAD Task Force talks to members and chapters about Veterans Against Drugs and encourages them to develop their own programs in the community. This presence in the community is very important to demonstrate National VVA’s support of Veterans Against Drugs.

VAD held its fifth ice skating event for youth in the Silver Spring area in January 2016. Each year this program becomes more popular and has enhanced the image of Vietnam Veterans of American in Silver Spring. As a result of the hard work of the VVA National Staff and the VAD  Committee, last year the local radio station named the National Offices of Vietnam Veterans of America as the outstanding Business of the Week.

This program teaches and re-enforces the idea that there are safe, drug free activities in a local community and these activities are important to help keep youth “Drug Free.” This event was very successful and almost every member of the VVA National Staff helped to make this program fun. VVA has benefited from this by establishing the organization as a caring community partner.

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