Artilleryman Overcame Drug Use and PTSD

No alcohol

Pfc. Ron Sales graduated from the then William Hooper Councill High School in Huntsville, AL in 1966. He left Alabama A&M University in February 1967 and went to live with his uncle in Los Angeles. His uncle suggested that he join the Army, to which he joined in May 1967.

He was eventually sent to Vietnam on Oct. 15, 1968 as an artilleryman. Upon his return home on Dec. 23, 1969, he was given the unwelcomed greeting of antiwar protests at the airport.

Sales used drugs to help himself cope with the brutalities of war. He abused marijuana, beer and opium. In 1985, he became drug-free.

Later, Sales experienced the devastating effects of PTSD when he retired in April 2011. Therapy has aided him in closing the chapter on the sounds and smells that reminded him of the carnage of the Vietnam War.

Today, he is a life member of Huntsville Chapter 1067 .

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