Chapter 858 Continues to Remember the Fallen

Chapter 858

Members of Oahu, Hawaii, Chapter 858 make it a point to attend and participate in ceremonies held throughout the year at the National Cemetery of the Pacific, commonly known as The Punchbowl. 

That includes Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Anzac Day, World War II Arizona Survivor Day, and POW/MIA Recognition Day.

This year’s September 15 POW/MIA ceremonies were no different as chapter members laid a wreath during the ceremonies. Those taking part were Steve Rupp, Bruce “Woody” Woods, and Chapter President Rona Adams, along with AVVA member Janet Rupp.

They were joined by chapter member James Hickerson, a retired Navy captain who was held prisoner in the Hanoi Hilton for five years, and his wife, Carole Hickerson, an honorary VVA member.

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