Chapter 135 Remembers Fallen Heroes

Chapter 135

Youngstown Chapter 135 held their annual Laying of the Roses ceremony in Youngstown, OH

In the ceremony, over 100 Mahoning County service members who died in the conflict were honored. The chapter also recognized those missing in action, as well as those who are currently serving in present day conflicts.

The Laying of the Roses ceremony featured the reading of the names of the fallen heroes as their family and friends heard the sounding of a bell and placed a rose at the Vietnam War Memorial at Central Square in downtown Youngstown.

The guest speaker for the event was a retired Air Force colonel for Operation Desert Storm, Judge Robert P. Milich with the Youngstown Municipal Court.

There was a POW/MIA table with items symbolizing lives gone to soon. A red rose is for the family member’s awaiting their loved one’s return. A lemon slice represents the serviceperson’s bitter fate. The tears of family and friends are represented by a shaker of salt. There’s an inverted glass for the toasts that will never be proposed. The white tablecloth beneath the items on the Table of Remembrance is for our service men’s and women’s pure intention to serve their country.

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