VVA National Board of Directors Passes Motion In Support of Statehood for Puerto Rico

VVA Puerto Rico State Council President Jorge Pedroza (left), with Dr. Ricardo Rossello and VVA National President John Rowan (right)

The citizens of Puerto Rico have voted for statehood in the plebiscite mandated by Congress. It is now time for Congress to grant statehood for Puerto Rico. On Oct. 12, the VVA National Board of Directors voted unanimously to pass a motion to seek a legislative sponsor to support the plebiscite.

Jorge Pedroza, president of the VVA Puerto Rico State Council, introduced Dr. Ricardo Rossello, who spoke about the veterans of Puerto Rico and the vote for statehood, which passed on Nov. 6, 2012. Dr. Rossello, a biomedical engineer and neurobiologist who holds degrees from MIT and the University of Michigan, is currently a research professor at Duke University.

In August 2003, the delegates to VVA’s 11th National Convention adopted Resolution MA-10, Self-determination for Puerto Rico, resolving to support legislation whereby the United States Congress would define the political status options available to U.S. citizens of Puerto Rico; and authorize a plebiscite to provide an opportunity for Puerto Ricans to make an informed decision regarding the island‘s future.

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