Minority Affairs Committee Update January/February 2021


The VVA Minority Affairs Committee continues to support self-determination for Puerto Rico based on its citizens’ military contributions to the nation. We need the entire veterans community and their families to support this effort and ask their representatives in Congress to grant the people of Puerto Rico self-determination. In the November 3 elections, Puerto Ricans voted 52.7 percent in favor of statehood.

I draw readers’ attention to the November 13 article in The Washington Post entitled “Puerto Ricans Voted to Become the 51st U.S. State—Again.” Written by Abdiel Santiago at Stanford, Alexander Kustov at Yale, and Ali A. Valenzuela at Princeton, it presents a clear overview of the statehood issue and how opinions about Puerto Rico are formed by white Americans.

If you are a minority veteran having issues and needing help, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 413-883-4508 or email Sgtgomez@aol.com

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