Bridge Dedicated to Black Veterans in York

South Penn Street Bridge

York, PA is dedicating the South Penn Street Bridge to it’s county’s black veterans.

The bridge dedication resonates especially with Charles Moye Jr., a black Vietnam veteran. During the war, Moye struggled during his service, while his country and his hometown struggled in other ways.

While serving in Vietnam, Moye was denied the title of sergeant through what he believes were unfair reasons. Back home, race riots broke out on the streets of York.

Moye returned from the war finding himself having to prove that he was in Vietnam and not a participant in the riots in York. He also found difficulty in getting his form DD-214, a certificate issued at the time of retirement or discharge.

The location of the bridge is special because it is near meeting places where black veterans felt comfortable to gather and exchange war stories.

With the dedication of the bridge, Moye and other black veterans hope to find closure from maltreatment at home and in the war.

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