Planning A Stand Down


Another Leadership & Education Conference has passed. This year the committee’s presentation was on planning a stand down, as well as an update on the Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) and VA Homeless Grant and Per Diem issues, HUD-VASH, and the status of the five-year plan to end chronic veteran homelessness. The latest list of 967 new vouchers was released just two days before the presentation; copies of the list were provided to attendees.

Our presentation on how to do a stand down included two three-dimensional display boards on variations of how to set up a stand down field. Additionally, we discussed how to get outside involvement, donations, and contributions from the community. All participants were fully engaged, and ideas and suggestions were plentiful.

Chapters and state councils that want to do a stand down should go  and download the “How To Do a Stand Down” guide. It is full of valuable information.

The committee continues to work on the grant and per diem payment process. Most recently we began to look at the “fees” providers are permitted to charge program residents. The committee is still waiting for a report on this issue that was due to Congress in June 2013. As of now, it has not been completed.

The chair attended the National Coalition on Homeless Veterans annual conference. The focus was on housing and the development of supported permanent housing. SSVF has served well in addressing the permanent housing needs of our homeless veterans.

The chair also went to the VA Advisory Committee on Homeless Veterans meeting in September in San Antonio, Texas. The focus was on the five-year plan to end chronic veteran homelessness. The Advisory Committee met with newly appointed Federal Designated Employee Lisa Pape in July.

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