Agent Orange & Dioxin Committee Update November/December 2020

This column is short and to the point. In the last issue I described the confusion the VA has created with P.L.114-315, the kids’ law. The committee has met on this issue several times and soon will meet again to decide how we can legally challenge the VA. The concern, however, is how to do that as frugally as possible.

The three presumptives—bladder cancer, Parkinson’s-like symptoms, and hypothyroidism—that have been in limbo for more than four-and-a-half years remain. Perhaps now that the election is over, the VA Secretary will report them out. The committee will continue working to get this done.

In closing, we know the pandemic has slowed the whole world down, and we need to follow the rules to be safe. If you have any questions, please call or email me. I get more done if I talk to you on the phone, so call 507-581-6402. Once it’s safe, I hope we will return to doing more town halls.

I want to thank the Officers, BOD members, and the staff at National for doing an outstanding job keeping VVA alive. Lastly, I thank the VVA members who do so much for veterans and their families. We will not give up, as we have been through too much in our lives. Be safe and God bless.

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