Agent Orange & Dioxin Committee Update November/December 2017

Maynard Kaderlik, Agent Orange & Dioxin Committee Chair

The Agent Orange and Dioxin Committee has spent the latter part of 2017 involved in activities such as advocating for legislation and awareness, holding town hall meetings, and other activities. 

The committee has held dialogues with John Wells and Dylan Chandler, a legislative aide to Rep. David Valadao (R-Calif.) on the Blue Water Navy legislation, H.R.299. VVA will continue having call-in days to help move that legislation.

Colt Romberger of Expedition Agent Orange updated the committee on his progress riding his horse across America in honor of his father and all veterans who have problems due to their exposure to Agent Orange.

There has been nearly 400 town hall meetings all across America. Modern-day warriors exposed to many toxic substances, as well as children and grandchildren should be educated on the effects of harmful toxins.

The committee thanks everyone for their hard work.

Maynard Kaderlik, Chair

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