Agent Orange & Dioxin Committee Update May/June 2018


The committee met during the April VVA BOD meeting to discuss several issues. I am thrilled to see that more “Faces” meetings are going on all over the country through VVA chapters and state councils. Thank you all for your hard work to spread the word to veterans and their families. Keep in mind that modern-day warriors need to be encouraged to come to the meetings. They were exposed to many toxic substances. Here in the upper Midwest we are doing our share of meetings.

I am very disappointed by the confusion in the VA by not reporting out on the March 10, 2016, IOM Report on more presumptives for veterans. It is about money, as the legislation for the Blue Water Navy is also about money. My question is: Why does the U.S. pour money into cleaning up Agent Orange in Vietnam (which is the right thing to do) but not take care of our own and the families first?

We will continue to support the Blue Water Navy legislation. The road is long as we get older, although I know there is much fight in us yet. I want to thank the VVA grassroots for the great job they have done on this issue. We are a team and we intend to win.

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