Agent Orange & Dioxin Committee Update July/August 2020


With the pandemic much has changed, but there’s not much movement for veterans as far as the four presumptives. We have waited more than four years for the VA Secretary to report them out. The VA is doing two studies of its own before it will issue a report at the end of 2020. This is a stall tactic. How many more studies need to be done? The current two are labeled “The Vietnam Era Health Retrospective Observational Study” and “The Vietnam Era Mortality Study.” So again, we wait—and they wait for an army to die.

The children’s law, 114-315, is not moving on the research part. So again, our children wait. I thought that in this country we take care of our children. Not so. They are this country’s future. Pretty sad when we don’t care for them after our country poisoned their fathers and grandfathers during their service to the nation.

That said, there are legislators who care about veterans. Many times I get emails that show they are in our corner. At Faces of Agent Orange town halls we tell attendees to call and keep calling their representatives. Let them know we are not going away. We can’t let elected officials not do their job for those of us who served our country. If they can’t help veterans when we come home, stay out of wars.

I’m sorry that there is not much movement for us and our families. Just remember: United we stand. We can’t give up now after putting so much effort into this issue. Thank you all in VVA, both staff and grassroots.

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