Agent Orange & Dioxin Committee Update July/August 2018

We have been very busy with Agent Orange town hall meetings all over the country. It is very important to continue having more of these meetings as we owe it to veterans and their families to be informed on this issue. Please keep up the good work. The road is still long. Always remember that it takes a team, and we in VVA are the team to get this done.

We have received very disturbing information about the location of the VA Forms 21-0304. Thankfully, Marc McCabe asked where these forms were. He did not get the answer that we wanted to hear. The VA in Denver had no idea. VVA President John Rowan has assigned Rick Weidman to investigate this issue, and we wait for an answer. I will be very active in getting that answer quickly. When I get an appropriate answer I will report to the membership. It took us a long time to get the kids’ legislation passed, and now the VA owes us an explanation.

We still need to hound the VA on the four presumptives that came out in the March 10, 2016, IOM report. I believe the government is just waiting for us to die. Please call or email your legislators on this issue and don’t let up.

We are gearing up a presentation on the Agent Orange issue at VVA’s Leadership Conference. We need to continue working on this issue for veterans and their families. I, for one, will not stop. A huge thank-you to the grassroots and Government Affairs group of VVA for all your energies on this issue.

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