Public Affairs May/June 2018


Thanks to the members of the Public Affairs Committee and to Mokie Porter, Wes Guidry, and VVA staff, our organization now has an official JROTC Medal to honor top JROTC cadets, to provide another avenue into schools, and perhaps add to our legacy, which seems to be a priority on so many minds at VVA.

Although the program in its entirety will roll out this fall for the next school year, the medal is available for chapters to procure and present to top cadets this school year. We are focusing on presentations at the chapter level because it’s too late in the school year for the competition at the state council and national levels. This gives you a chance to start working with JROTC units in your area to set up the program for the fall. The medal with ribbon is available for $15. Contact Mokie Porter at 301-585-4000, ext.146, or to purchase.

There has been much exchange of information, ideas, and suggestions regarding our website,, between members and myself and Webmaster Jeff Greulich. In our most recent national committee and Board of Directors meetings, concerns were raised about content, ease of navigation, separation of members’ information from public information, and overall user friendliness.

We appreciate our webmaster’s efforts to provide an attractive, user-friendly, and professional tool for our members, and to make our stories available to the public. Your input, concerns, and ideas for improving the website are solicited and welcome. Email them to

I am interested in the types of award programs and certificates honoring Eagle Scouts that are presented by VVA chapters. Please send me a brief description of your ceremonies, as well as images of certificates or medals you present. Email them to

And finally: The Utah State Council and chapters invite everyone to the dedication of Utah’s Replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on July 14 in Layton. The dedication will be followed by a free U.S. Tours Tribute to the Bob Hope USO Shows in Vietnam.

Thank you for your service and welcome home.

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