Minority Affairs Committee Update May/June 2016


The Minority Affairs Committee has established its goals for the new fiscal year. Despite our meager budget, we will try to extend our efforts across the country using the talents of our committee members in each region.

Our focus is on outreach and recruitment for VVA. We will reach out to the most underserved and under-represented veterans group: Native Americans. We will not try to duplicate the efforts and services provided by the VA, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and the Indian Health Service. Instead, we want to be present at Native American veterans conferences, conventions, and pow wows so that these veterans know that we can be an organization for them.

Our committee would like Native American vets to know that they can receive services and benefits from the VA. We also want to encourage them to get their own tribal veteran service officers trained and accredited in order to provide services throughout the tribal areas. It is our hope that Native American veterans will realize they can enhance their family income for themselves and surviving spouses with VA benefits.

Please contact our committee members—who were listed in the previous issue of The VVA Veteran—if you can identify Native American tribes or veterans groups that you interact with and can assist committee members in our outreach efforts. Thanks for your help.

Jerry Yamamoto, Chair

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