Latest MOH Graphic Novel from AUSA: The 1st Recipient, Jacob Parrott

The Association of the United States Army today released its latest graphic novel, Medal of Honor: Jacob Parrott. You can read it digitally or download a free copy at

Parrott, a young private in the 33rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiment, was was one of 24 men—twenty-two U.S. Army soldiers and two civilians—who volunteered in 1862 to march deep into Confederate territory to steal a train and destroy bridges and tracks between Atlanta and Chattanooga in what became known as the Great Locomotive Chase.

Medal of Honor: Jacob Parrott was put together by a group of top comic book writers and artists. Chuck Dixon wrote the script; Karl Moline did the pencils and inks; Peter Pantazis the colors; and Troy Peteri the lettering.

Previous AUSA Medal of Honor series graphic novels told the stories of–among others–Alvin York, Audie Murphy, Mary Walker, Daniel Inouye, and Roy Benavidez. Upcoming issues will cover Mitchell Red Cloud, Jr. (the Korean War), Wild Bill Donovan (World War II), and Roger Donlon, the first recipient from the Vietnam War, as well as the first Special Forces MOH recipient.

To read about previously published novels, go to

—June 15, 2021


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