Karl Marlantes’ New Novel

Karl Marlantes, the former Marine and the author of the critically acclaimed, best-selling 2010 Vietnam War novel Matterhorn, will publish his second novel, Deep River, tomorrow, July 2, 2019. Marlantes—who served for a year as a Marine Lieutenant in the Vietnam War where he was severely wounded—sets his new, mammoth (736 page) novel early in the 20th century in what Publishers Weekly called a “drastic shift” from Matterhorn. Deep River focuses on the experiences of a group of Finnish immigrants in the Pacific Northwest, where Marlantes was born, grew up, and lives today.

Marlantes, who received the Excellence in the Arts Award at Vietnam Veterans of America’s National Leadership Conference in 2012, is, a former Rhodes Scholar. He received the Navy Cross for his courage under fire in the Vietnam War, along with a Bronze Star, two Navy Commendation Medals for valor, and two Purple Hearts.

You can read VVA Veteran Arts Editor Marc Leepson’s 2010 review of Matterhorn online.

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