Chapter 311 Contributes Video Vignettes to Time Capsule

More than 50 organizations including Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 311 are working on a multigenerational time capsule to share messages with future generations. Chapter members recorded video vignettes to share their thoughts with future generations.

 The Veterans Memorial Committee of Arlington Heights (Illinois) is leading the effort to collect digitized content, which will be placed on discs inside three time capsule boxes. The three boxes are set to be buried on Memorial Day, May 25, at the foot of an Eternal Flame.

The plan is to unearth the first box after 33 years, invite 2053’s Arlington Heights residents to add material of their own, and rebury the box. Then — 33 years later — the second box would be dug up, and its contents emptied, refilled and reburied. The third would follow in 2120, and the cycle would hopefully repeat.

Organizers believe the generational time capsule project is unique, not having been tried elsewhere. Content can be submitted through April 15.

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