VVA Veterans Benefits Claims Clinic


VVA is partnering with VA to host a day-long Veterans Benefits Claims Clinic at the VVA National Convention in New Orleans.  The Clinic will host 10-12 VA employees, who will provide Veterans with face-to-face support, guidance, and education related to their claims.  VA employees will be available to provide status updates on pending VA disability benefits claims and provide subject matter expertise on individual claims.  For Veterans wishing to submit fully developed claims (FDC), rate-in-a-day capabilities will be available.  Additionally, VA representatives will be available to provide information and guidance concerning compensation, pension, education, vocational rehabilitation & employment, insurance, and loan guaranty.  The Claims Clinic will be held from 8AM-5PM on Thursday, August 10th.  VVA Service Officers will also be available to provide claims assistance and support.  This Clinic is only open to conference attendees.


If you are interested in filing a fully developed claim at the Veterans Benefits Claims Clinic, it is highly recommended that you work with your local VVA Service Officer to gather and prepare the appropriate documentation in advance.  To locate a VVA service officer near you, please visit the following website:  https://vva.org/what-we-do/veteran-services/claims-assistance/


For more information, please contact Kelsey Yoon, Director, Veterans Benefits Program, at kyoon@vva.org.