For Candidates

By Scott DeArman, Chair

Vietnam Veterans of America will conduct its election of all National Officer and Board positions during its Twentieth National Convention, November 2-6, 2021, in Greensboro, N.C. Twenty-three positions will be decided: National President, National Vice President, National Secretary, National Treasurer, all ten At-large National Board members, and all nine Regional Board members. All positions are for two-year terms, beginning at the close of the 2021 National Convention, through the close of the 2023 National Convention.

Only those who submitted Letters of Intent and all required forms by the June 30 deadline are considered legitimate candidates. They are free to pursue their election campaign as long as they remain within the parameters outlined in the Candidate Packet.

In addition, those candidates may email a statement and photo to Statements for officers may not exceed 1,000 words; those for Board members are limited to 500 words. See the Candidate Packet for details. Candidate statements and bios will be posted within days of submission on the VVA Convention web page, In addition, those statements submitted by August 12 will appear in the September/October issue of The VVA Veteran.

Conduct of Campaigns

Registered candidates may use the national flag of the United States, the VVA national logo, and the VVA national flag on their campaign material. No VVA, state council, or chapter letterhead, website, or email may be used. However, photographs of the candidate wearing VVA state and chapter logos, patches, or insignia are acceptable.

2021 VVA Convention logoCandidates may not solicit or accept campaign contributions in any form from VVA or from any VVA state council or chapter. Campaign contributions include money, paper, envelopes, postage, free printing, free phone calls, use of websites, and use of emails.

Candidates may not solicit or accept any campaign endorsements from VVA, any VVA state council, chapter, or VVA newsletters, newspapers, websites, or electronic mail sites. But they may receive contributions and endorsements from any VVA member, provided that the rules are not violated and the endorsements are on personal stationery. All of this is outlined in full detail in the official Candidate Packet.

The Elections Committee welcomes those members willing to take part in one of the most important parts of VVA, the election of Officers and Board Members who will guide the organization and represent its members for the next two years.

Running From the Floor

Potential candidates who missed the June 30 deadline have one last option: They can run from the floor. However—and it’s a big “however”—they cannot announce their intent to run for office either publicly or privately; cannot campaign in any way or distribute any campaign materials, including on the Internet; and cannot accept any contributions prior to being approved as a candidate by the Elections Committee at the Convention. Any violation of this rule will result in disqualification from the election process.

The 2021 Elections Committee: Scott DeArman, Chair (928-710-1068), Jill Mishkel, Adolph Gardner (301-845-4296), Terry L. Nolan, and Ben Humphries.