Membership Affairs Committee Update July/August 2021


The tide has turned and we are gaining new members each month. Membership in VVA has topped 89,000. The key is that we are getting new members. Direct your efforts on the chapter level and the personal level to recruit new people. Joining VVA is a bargain at just $50 for a Life membership.

We have received the go-ahead to accept veterans who served in Vietnam from November 1, 1955, to February 28, 1961, as full VVA members. The Membership Department is working on updating the membership requirement on all documents with the new dates. Membership staffers are accepting membership applications for the 1955-61 time period with the registration fee and a DD-214.

The Membership Affairs Committee issues a monthly report with statistics on total membership, membership totals by state and region, and the top 25 chapters in membership. The report also highlights new chapters when their charters are issued.

The Membership Department at VVA national headquarters in Silver Spring continues to do an outstanding job under difficult conditions.

We should all be checking on our members to be sure they are staying safe and staying well. Just do some outreach. If I can help you in anything that deals with membership, contact me at

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