One Band, two great tributes!


 Woodie and the Longboards is one of the most in demand cover acts in the country. Performing a variety of hit music from the 50’s to the 80’s “Woodie” has kept all of their audiences happy by providing the most professional music with a highly interactive and entertaining show.

As their namesake, Woodie and the Longboards, the band will perform the music of The Beach Boys and the Surf Era.

As, Heartache Tonight, the band will perform the music of The Eagles.


John (Woodie) Keating: Band manager, guitarist, keyboard player and vocalist 
Jude Wright- Bass player, bowed guitarist and vocalist
Andy Young- Keyboard player, guitarist, and vocalist
Grant Wilson- Guitarist
Tom McIntyre- : Drummer and Vocalist 


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Dave Karl



Dave Karl was born in Illinois in 1953 and is the fourth of five children. He grew up in the town of Woodale, where his father worked in construction and his mother was a stay-at-home mom. He became the first member of his family to continue the interest in music. Although his brothers and sisters tried playing instruments and lost interest very quickly, Dave learned the guitar at age eight and took an interest in singing as well.

From a young age, Dave took a strong interest in doing impersonations. His past mentor was Mel Blanc, who did voice overs for Warner Brothers. Other mentors are Rich Little, Frank Caliendo, and Frank Gorshin.

As years went by, Dave continued to add more and more voices to his list of impersonations. He can impersonate singers from Country Music, Pop, Rock-n-Roll, to past Movie Actors. He can even impersonate some of the past U.S. Presidents, totaling approximately 67 different voices.

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