U.S. Navy Veteran Given Mobility by VVA Chapter

VVA Branson Chapter 913 partnered with College of the Ozarks to provide the gift of mobility to U.S. Navy veteran, Nathan Beard.

The all-terrain chair that Beard was presented with will aid him during his everyday activities, and help him be more mobile. With the chair, he will have freedom to participate in his passions of hunting and fishing more fully, as well has enable him to teach his daughter these skills.

Each year, Chapter 913 puts on a benefit show for veteran’s assistance funds, which go directly to veterans and their families. Gifting Beard with a track chair was an additional service that the chapter wanted to extend.

The chair was presented to Beard through The Foundation for Exceptional Warriors at his home in Iowa.

This was the second time the College of the Ozarks had participated in donating a track chair to a veteran. Chapter 913 hopes to continue to present more of these chairs to veterans in the future.

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