Chapter 989’s 10 Years of Service in Nevada

Sierra Nevada Chapter 989

Sierra Nevada Chapter 989 recently broke ground on the Northern Nevada Veterans Home in Reno, NV. 

Designs show that the Veterans Home will have a home-like feel, with decorations, single bedrooms, and common areas.

The Veterans Home will be funded by state funds and a grant. Governor Bryan Sandoval has fully supported the project, desiring for Nevada to be a military- and veteran-friendly state.

Sierra Nevada Chapter 989 recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. The chapter is active in the community in other ways.

Chapter 989’s Color Guard will present the Colors for the ‘Take Me Home Huey Project’ in September. The chapter is helping to host the exhibit taking place at the Nevada Art Museum. The exhibit features a 47 foot sculpture designed by recycling parts from an original Huey helicopter.

Huey helicopters were often used in medical evacuations, and in transporting service men and women into and out of Vietnam. The concept of ‘take me home Huey’, is that the Huey helicopter took those in harm’s way back home and out of the war zone.

They are active in reaching out to Vietnam veterans who have not been welcomed home by presenting them with lapel pins. Over 1,000 commemorative pins have already been distributed.

The chapter has supported the education of veterans by awarding over 20 scholarships. For 5 years, they have given out scholarships at 3 local colleges and universities.

In the 10 years since its charter, Sierra Nevada Chapter 989 continues to make a positive impact in the Reno community.

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