Chapter 960 Honors Firefighters

Manning, SC Chapter 960 recently honored two courageous firefighters, Lt.  Michael Cothran and Gene Morris. These men exemplified heroism when they rescued people trapped in a van that was moving through water last year.

There was a large flood in South Carolina, and a couple driving a van attempted to cross through a flooded area. Waters nearing six feet in depth rapidly pulled the van into a ditch. The van was on its side in the water when Morris and Cothran arrived. The couple had gotten out of the vehicle through the windows and were then stranded on top of the vehicle.

A team of nine other men arrived and quickly got to work lifting a heavy, 2o-foot boat into the water to rescue the couple. Morris, who is very familiar with water and operating watercraft, was able to navigate the boat to the couple and bring them back safely.

Chapter 960 presented these honorable heroes with plaques that read, in part, “In recognition of a successful water rescue Oct. 4, 2015. This rescue is evidence of your unending desire to make and keep our community a safer place to live. Thank you for your devotion to duty with the Clarendon County Fire Department. March 6, 2016.”

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