Chapter 9 Moves to Temporary Location

Red Wings of Detroit

In late January, Chapter 9 moved from the Detroit, MI location that for years held their community events, chapter meetings, fundraisers, etc.

The location at 2951 Woodward is being reconstructed for the Red Wings professional hockey team’s new arena.

Chapter 9 will be meeting at the Masonic Temple until a permanent location can be found.

They hope to find a new location within the entertainment district, and possibly construct a museum and monument.

Chapter 9 was joined by over 50 veterans and supporters in a ceremony marking their last time in the old location including the activities of the color guard and lowering the flag. The American flag was then raised at the Masonic Temple.

Despite nostalgia for their old location, Chapter 9 agreed to sell the location for the growth of the city of Detroit.

At one point during the 37 history of Chapter 9, they had 1,600 members. Today, they remain strong with a membership of 184.

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