Chapter 850 Honors Dustoff Pilots Organization

Kent County Chapter 850, Veterans Memorial Park, Dover, DE

Kent County Chapter 850 honored the pilots of the Vietnam Dustoff Association at the Veterans Memorial Park in Dover, DE

The occasion was a part of the Vietnam Dustoff Association’s annual convention in September. Delaware was the first state to invite the organization of ‘rusty eagles’.

In 2013, Chapter 850 acquired the UH-1 Dustoff helicopter in Florida after a 2 year soliciting campaign directed at the federal government and the White House. Today, the ‘Huey’ helicopter is the focal point of the Veterans Memorial Park.

The location of the ceremony within the Park was at the memorial honoring the medical evacuation crews who served in harm’s way. The Huey is remarkable in that it transported over 900,000 wounded service men and women to safety. Over 200 Dustoff crewmembers died trying to retrieve the wounded in combat.

Dustoff pilots were also treated to lunch at tours of the Air Mobility Command Museum.

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