Chapter 601 Received Huey from Chapter 723 to Display

Chapter 601

VVA Chapter 723 of Chester, Vermont donated a Model 68 UH-1V Bell helicopter, affectionately known as a ‘Huey’, to VVA Chapter 601 to restore and display in Bennington, Vermont

The Huey was a Vietnam War-era helicopter used for medical evacuations and transporting the troops. It has since been replaced by today’s Blackhawk models and others.

Since serving in Vietnam, the HU-1 model ‘Huey’, which was built in 1968, was used in Texas and in medical evacuation training in Chester, and was later decommissioned.

One of the persons who has been leading the campaign over the past couple years to have the Huey installed as a monument at the Morse State Airport in Bennington is Vietnam veteran John Miner. He is a past president of Chapter 601.

In October, Miner received VVA’s Commendation Medal during a surprise ceremony at the Vermont Veterans Home. Rep. Mary Morrissey of Bennington also presented him with an honorable resolution from the State Legislature.

Miner’s vision is to have the Huey refurbished and to display the helicopter on a 10-foot-tall metal framework as a monument to those who served in the Vietnam War.

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