Chapter 227’s Minuteman Alert Prevents Veteran Eviction


The Minuteman Alert from the Dean K. Phillips Memorial Chapter 227 in Arlington, VA was successfully used to prevent a military veteran who sustained injuries in Iraq service as a State Department employee from being evicted from his home.

The single dad was successfully recovering from a tremulous road of PTSD and other medical conditions that resulted in falling behind in his home mortgage payments. Caleb Johnson, Regional Coordinator of the Virginia Veteran and Family Support program, Virginia Department of Veterans Services, contacted the chapter for financial assistance in solving the mortgage issue.

The financial need of $6, 000 is beyond the chapter’s grant policy, but the board believed that some action was necessary since it would prevent his eviction. In addition, the veteran was able to secure a new mortgage with a lower payment that he could afford. An anonymous donor offered a matching grant of $3, 000. Bob Tecklenburg and Bruce Waxman met with Caleb to review the veteran’s financial and medical condition. The board approved a $500 grant and a Minuteman Alert was transmitted to our members for their assistance. The response was immediate with 20 responses of 18 checks and two pledges for a total of $10, 450. The chapter check for $3, 000 was given to the mortgage company.

During the process, it was learned that the veteran’s teenage daughter suffered a medical breakdown with a medical bill of $1, 278. A decision was made to use the funds to pay this expense too.

Our immediate action prevented a distressed veteran family from becoming homeless. The contributors agreed to use the balance of the donations for our continual veteran outreach.

Networking and the Minuteman Alert added another success story to living up to our guiding principle that “Never Again Will One Generation of Veterans Abandon Another!”

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