Chapter 227 Dedicates POW/MIA Honor Chair

In honor of POW/MIA Recognition Day on Sept. 18, VVA Chapter 227 in Arlington, VA, the Washington Nationals and Hussey Seating Company dedicated an honor chair for prisoners of war and those missing in action at Nationals Park.

The chair dedication ceremony included a public announcement honoring all POW/MIA and the plaque inscription in addition to acknowledgement of the chapter’s contribution. Bill Lynch, who initiated and managed the honor chair project, Len Ignatowski, Charlie Klein and Melissa and Jay Kalner all represented Chapter 227.

The chair and plaque are located by the American flag and prisoner of war flagpole in the center field court yard.  The unoccupied black chair has the POW/MIA logo on the backrest with a #1 silver tag representing the park’s first seat of honor. A plaque explaining what it represents is positioned behind the chair.

At the end of the season, the memorial will be improved by raising the plaque and installing permanent posts and a chain around the seat. Chapter 227 obtained the chair and plaque and the Nationals installed the chair and plaque.

POW_MIA-Chair only

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