Chapter 196 Gives VA Vets a Day of Golf

Chapter 196 Golf Day

For the third year, Chapter 196 of Lynchburg, VA supported a day of golf for 30 veterans, including five who served in Vietnam, from the Salem VA Hospital. 

The day of golf at the London Downs Golf Course was sponsored by the Lynchburg Area Veterans Council, of which Chapter 196 is a member and holds leadership positions.

Golf participants were treated to a complimentary BBQ lunch and free haircuts. They were welcomed with American flags at the entrance, and two professional instructors provided lessons. London Downs Golf Course gifted gently used golf clubs and bags to the players.

There was an adaptive golf cart for use by handicapped provided by Chapter 196 and the local Purple Heart chapter.

The players and non-players, alike, enjoyed their day away from the worries of the hospital, and the special attention with the change of scenery.

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