Chapter 1078 Escorts The Mobile Wall

Chapter 1078 Wall

Chapter 1078 organized a motorcycle escort and exhibition for “The Wall That Heals” in Knoxville, TN. 

Over 100 Vietnam veterans from East Tennessee accompanied the traveling wall from Morristown to Knoxville on motorcycles. The Wall traveled from Illinois, and was headed by a Tennessee Highway Patrol escort.

The wall sponsored by the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund has traveled the country and bears the names of 58,220 soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines who died in Vietnam.

The caravan ended at the temporary site of The Wall at Lyndhurst Cemetery, where it was on display for four days in October.

In addition to hosting The Wall That Heals, Lyndhurst Cemetery has also been responsible for ensuring that homeless veterans receive full military honors upon their deaths.

Since the mobile wall was unveiled in 1996, it has traveled to over 400 towns and cities across America. In addition to the replica of The Wall in Washington, DC, the traveling version has a mobile Education Center.

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