A ‘watermelon welcome’ for our armed forces

The Louisiana National Guard 3rd Battalion of the 156th infantry (Source: KPLC)

Source: KPLC

Men and women from the Louisiana National Guard got a special surprise today when returning from training at Camp Beauregard, an army installation north of Pineville.

The Louisiana National Guard 3rd Battalion of the 156th infantry, came back to the armory here in Lake Charles after a long weekend and were greeted by massive trays of watermelon, pizza and cold drinks.

All courtesy of local organizations like the Vinton VFW post, Sulphur and Vinton Armed Forces Committees, and the Vietnam Veterans of America.

“It’s something for them to come back to so they feel appreciated, ” said Dorothy Fruge, one of the founders of the event.

For Dorothy and Houston Fruge, this is the fourth welcome event that they have spear-headed.

“This is just what we do we support out soldiers we support our vets, ” said Houston.

As a veteran of the Korean war, Robert Aven Jr. was there to help because he wanted to provide our armed forces with a better welcome home than he received.

“We know how we were treated when we came home and we want to make sure all our soldiers coming home feel like they’ve done something and they’re worthy of what they’ve done and welcoming them home and taking care of them that’s the main thing.”

Everyone in the room seemed to be well taken care of and very appreciative of the community’s efforts.

“It’s really great to come back and see the show of support from the community I know the guys really appreciate it coming back from a long weekend it’s just really great to see a show of support, ” said Brandon Miller, the Company Executive Officer.

A veteran himself, Houston can’t help but feel a sense of pride when looking around the room.

“Myself and a bunch of guys like them we gave them a country that’s most powerful and most respected in the world and I look at these young men and young women and I know we are leaving it in good hands.”



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