Chapter 1048 Helps Florida Classroom Understand the Vietnam War

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Seven members of the Daytona Beach Chapter 1048 helped teacher Chase Tramont tell the story of sacrifice made by nearly 58, 000 Americans in the Vietnam War. At Spruce Creek High School in Port Orange, students found themselves in the jungles of Vietnam.

After nearly 10 hours of setup, the classroom was transformed with camouflage netting on the walls, round helmets called “steel pots” on desks and reed grass sprouts standing tall from the floor. This way, the students could feel submersed in a more interactive, realistic environment for learning.

Members of Chapter 1048 were brought back to their time in Vietnam. Ken Kisler was 26 in 1968 when he was drafted. He left behind a wife and 2-year-old son. He and the other members of his chapter that visited the classroom expressed the beauty of the country, but do not necessarily want to go back. The emotional burdens of war that they have carried are heavy.

Tramont has been doing this unit in his classroom for over six years, and has had support from many people. Much of his props are donated by veterans who support Tramont, who seeks to give his students experiences that will open their eyes and affect them more deeply than simply studying for a test.

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