Vietnam veterans

Three Days Past Yesterday by Doris I. “Lucki” Allen

April 24, 2015

Doris I. "Lucki" Allen's Three Days Past Yesterday: A Black Woman's Journey Through Incredibility  (CreateSpace, 72 pp., $10, paper) lives up to its subtitle: It tells the story of an incredible journey by a black woman…

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A Hard Decision by Westley Thomas

April 20, 2015

Westley Thomas served with the U. S. Marines in Vietnam from 1966-68 and in the Marine Reserves from 1975-77. The action in his book, A Hard Decision (AuthorHouse, 136 pp., $23.99, hardcover; $14.95, paper; $$3.99, Kindle), we…

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Everything Changed by Heyward A. Macdonald

April 14, 2015

Heyward Hunter Macdonald was commissioned a lieutenant of Artillery in the U.S. Army upon graduation from University of Virginia in 1964. He served as an  ordinance officer in Vietnam at a First Infantry Division fire…

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Tears of a Warrior by Janet J. Seahorn and E. Anthony Seahorn

April 10, 2015

Tears of a Warrior: A Family's Story of Combat and Living with PTSD by Janet J. Seahorne and E. Anthony Seahorn (Team Pursuits, 225 pp., $20, paper) is an excellent book. Janet and Tony Seahorn are…

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A Corpsman’s Legacy Continues by Stephanie Hanson Caisse

April 10, 2015

A Corpsman's Legacy Continues (CreateSpace, 200 pp., $15, paper, $3.99 Kindle) resumes the quest that began with Stephanie Hanson Caisse's A Corpsman's Legacy eight years ago. In the new book, Caisse expands her search for the military…

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My Cross to Bear by Tom Conti

April 7, 2015

Tom Conti's My Cross to Bear (Janet Conti, 280 pp., $16.95, paperback), his self-described “novel's narrative, ” is awash with misspellings, grammatical errors, and unsubstantiated Vietnam War "facts." The book does have meaningful passages and humorous anecdotes,…

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Paying With Their Bodies by John M. Kinder

April 5, 2015

John M. Kinder is an American Studies professor at Oklahoma State University who specializes in the history of war and American culture. He is most interested in war’s aftermath, including how nations and veterans deal with a…

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Brotherkeeper by Lawrence Winters

March 31, 2015

Lawrence Winters served as a U.S. Marine in the Vietnam War in 1969-70. The author of The Making and Unmaking of a Marine, he is a mental health counselor, and has returned to Vietnam to study PTSD…

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Napalm and Filet Mignon by John Jennings  

March 29, 2015

John Jennings' ambitious memoir,  Napalm and Filet Mignon (War Writers' Campaign , 174 pp., $19.99, paper; $9.99, Kindle), loosely ties his experiences in Vietnam in 1969-70 to world events that took place simultaneously. Clippings from…

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Images from Hell by F.L. Riker

March 23, 2015

F. L. Riker was just like many Americans who served his country during the Vietnam War. He returned to “an unfriendly country” where he suffered from PTSD, as Riker puts it in Images from Hell (AuthorHouse, 84 pp.,…

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