Small Fires in the Sun by Herbert R. Metoyer, Jr.

April 17, 2015

Small Fires in the Sun by Herbert R. Metoyer, Jr. (Cane River Media,  412 pp., $25, paper) is a novel based on historical events, but is wholly fictitious. The book centers on the life of Louis…

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She Weeps Each Time You’re Born by Quan Barry

April 13, 2015

Quan Barry was born in Saigon and raised on Boston’s North Shore.  She’s an English professor at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Rabbit, the main character of her first novel,  She Weeps Each Time You’re…

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The Sympathizer by Viet Thanh Nguyen

April 6, 2015

Viet Thanh Nguyen was born in Vietnam and raised in the United States. He teaches English and American studies at the University of Southern California. He is the author of an academic book, Race and…

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Brotherkeeper by Lawrence Winters

March 31, 2015

Lawrence Winters served as a U.S. Marine in the Vietnam War in 1969-70. The author of The Making and Unmaking of a Marine, he is a mental health counselor, and has returned to Vietnam to study PTSD…

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The Brightwood Stillness by Mark Pomeroy

March 30, 2015

Mark Pomeroy lives in Portland, Oregon, with his family. He was born in 1969, so he steered clear of service in the Vietnam War---but he was affected by it. The Brightwood Stillness (Oregon State University,…

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Friendly Casualties by Tom Glenn

March 15, 2015

Friendly Casualties: A Novel in Stories (Glenn Publishing, 171 pp., $3.95, Kindle), author Tom Glenn says, is the result of "the many years I spent in Vietnam during the war. Nearly all the characters are…

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The Domestic Vietnam by Dick Fox

March 5, 2015

Dick Fox's The Domestic Vietnam: America’s War of Confusion  (Coach Fox, Inc., 512 pp., $21.95) doesn’t look like a novel or read like one, for that matter. But the author’s note says: “The work presented here is…

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Take a Rifle from a Dead Man by Larry Matthews

March 4, 2015

Paul Brite---the hero of Larry Matthews's novel Take a Rifle from a Dead Man (Argus Enterprises International, 264 pp., $17.99, paper)---survives the Depression as a cowboy, brothel bouncer, and railroad hobo and then,  on March…

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An American Atrocity by Mike McCarey

February 26, 2015

Mike McCarey served as the First Marine Division's chief prosecutor for most of 1968 when that unit was in Vietnam. McCarey’s office prosecuted all felony cases in the division. Captain Conners is the main character in…

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Secrets Brought Home by James Milton Smith

February 9, 2015

James Milton Smith, the author of Secrets Brought Home (Amazon Digital Services, 425 pp., $14.99, paper; $9.99, Kindle), is a former Marine and a graduate of CalPoly. His novel is about Owen O’Brien, a newly…

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