Common Valor by S.T. Simms

May 7, 2015

I spent an entire day reading S.T. Simms's slim Common Valor: Ambush at Srok Rung, November 7, 1967 (Little Miami, 103 pp., $14. paper), and I ain't a slow reader. But I read many paragraphs…

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Letters Home by Leon Bly

May 6, 2015

Leon Bly served twenty-one years in the U. S. Army as a Special Forces enlisted man, a Green Beret. Letters Home: Diary of a Green Beret (Aegina Press, 126 pp., $19.70, paper) is a small book…

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Looking for Flyboys by Tom Messenger

May 4, 2015

After saying he enlisted for three years in the Army, Tom Messenger takes only eighteen pages to reach Vietnam in Looking for Flyboys: One G.I.'s Journey: Vietnam 1970-1971 (Hellgate Press, 209 pp., $16.95 paper; $4.99,…

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Orange Socks and Other Colorful Tales by J.S. Lamb

April 30, 2015

Jim Lamb served in Vietnam in the Navy, stationed in Da Nang. He arrived in-country in the Spring of 1970, “after the Tet Offensive, but well before the Fall of Saigon, ” as Lamb puts it…

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The Making and Un-making of a Marine by Larry Winters

April 29, 2015

Psychodrama provided the major impetus for Larry Winters' recovery from PTSD. In The Making and Un-making of a Marine: One Man's Struggle for Forgiveness (Millrock Writers Collective, 322 pp., $14.77, hardcover; $9.99, Kindle), Winters tells his…

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Three Days Past Yesterday by Doris I. “Lucki” Allen

April 24, 2015

Doris I. "Lucki" Allen's Three Days Past Yesterday: A Black Woman's Journey Through Incredibility  (CreateSpace, 72 pp., $10, paper) lives up to its subtitle: It tells the story of an incredible journey by a black woman…

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Fear Was My Only Weapon by Dennis Papp

April 23, 2015

Neil Simon's Biloxi Blues  tells a comedic World War II barracks story about a twenty-year-old draftee who learns to cope with a diverse assortment of soldiers during basic training while enduring the wrath a bullying superior.…

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To Hear Silence by Ronald W. Hoffman

April 15, 2015

In To Hear Silence (CreateSpace, 412 pp., $16.99 paper; $9.99, Kindle), Ronald W. Hoffman says, "If you were to investigate Charlie Battery 1/13, you would find this unit at the Battle of Khe Sanh in…

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Everything Changed by Heyward A. Macdonald

April 14, 2015

Heyward Hunter Macdonald was commissioned a lieutenant of Artillery in the U.S. Army upon graduation from University of Virginia in 1964. He served as an  ordinance officer in Vietnam at a First Infantry Division fire…

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Tears of a Warrior by Janet J. Seahorn and E. Anthony Seahorn

April 10, 2015

Tears of a Warrior: A Family's Story of Combat and Living with PTSD by Janet J. Seahorne and E. Anthony Seahorn (Team Pursuits, 225 pp., $20, paper) is an excellent book. Janet and Tony Seahorn are…

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