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Ace: The Story of Lt. Col. Ace Cozzalio by Rex Gooch

June 12, 2015

Rex Gooch was a helicopter pilot with the Lighthorse Air Cavalry in the Vietnam War in the Mekong Delta in 1971. When attending Lighthorse reunions years later, he heard stories about another pilot named Ace Cozzalio,…

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Forces-at-Play by Daniel Refvik

June 5, 2015

I surmise from internal evidence in his book, Forces-at-Play (Outskirts, 550 pp., $25.95, paper; $9.99, Kindle) that Dan Refvik served in Vietnam in the Marine Corps, but nowhere in the book does he ‘fess up to that. The…

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Wilderness of Tigers by W. Bruce Arnold and Robert Bruce Arnold

May 14, 2015

U.S. Air Force Col. W. Bruce Arnold created Wilderness of Tigers:A Novel of Saigon  (Chandelle of Sonoma, 524 pp., $17.95, paper; $9.99, Kindle) after serving in Vietnam in 1967-68 as the Chief of DARPA’s Research and…

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I Came Home, But It Wasn’t Me by Bruce Wm. Taneski

May 14, 2015

Bruce Wm. Taneski's I Came Home, But It Wasn't Me: The Memoirs of a Vietnam Combat Veteran as a Recon Scout 'LRRP'  (CreateSpace, 338 pp., $19.95, paper; $5.99, Kindle) comes full circle when he sits on…

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Titanic’s Resurrected Secret–HEW by J. Robert DiFulgo

May 13, 2015

J. Robert Di Fulgo served in the United States Navy for three years during the Vietnam War. A retired teacher, he’s the author of The Invisible Moon , a Vietnam War novel. Titanic's Resurrected Secret---HEW (iUniverse,…

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Firefights of the Mind by Ed Kugler

May 12, 2015

No writing is more important to war veterans than books such as Firefights of the Mind: When the Demons of War Follow You Home (CreateSpace, 322 pp., $15, paper; $9.99 Kindle) by Ed Kugler. And here's why.…

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Looking for Flyboys by Tom Messenger

May 4, 2015

After saying he enlisted for three years in the Army, Tom Messenger takes only eighteen pages to reach Vietnam in Looking for Flyboys: One G.I.'s Journey: Vietnam 1970-1971 (Hellgate Press, 209 pp., $16.95 paper; $4.99,…

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Orange Socks and Other Colorful Tales by J.S. Lamb

April 30, 2015

Jim Lamb served in Vietnam in the Navy, stationed in Da Nang. He arrived in-country in the Spring of 1970, “after the Tet Offensive, but well before the Fall of Saigon, ” as Lamb puts it…

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The Making and Un-making of a Marine by Larry Winters

April 29, 2015

Psychodrama provided the major impetus for Larry Winters' recovery from PTSD. In The Making and Un-making of a Marine: One Man's Struggle for Forgiveness (Millrock Writers Collective, 322 pp., $14.77, hardcover; $9.99, Kindle), Winters tells his…

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My Brother’s Keeper by Rodwick Padilla

April 27, 2015

Rodwick Padilla is a Marine Corps veteran who served a 1966-67 Vietnam War tour of duty. He tells us that his brother, Ronald M. Padilla, came home from Vietnam after six months “in a green…

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