'War Memoir' in the On-Line Writers' Circle Magazine

June 25, 2014

The Writers' Circle is a nonprofit on-line magazine that showcases authors, poets, artists, and photographers. It is published three times a year, with each issue running on line for four months. The current issue features…

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ISO Photos of the President Hotel in Saigon

November 8, 2013

  Fay Torresyap, a photo researcher for French magazine GEO   is working on an article about a hotel in Saigon, which, she says, which was "built in the 1960s for the American army, " and…

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Caputo on the Road

July 15, 2013

  Last Sunday's New York Times Travel section included an article featuring Philip Caputo, headlined "To See America, Be a Traveler, Not a Tourist." In it, Caputo--the Pulitzer-Prize-winning former journalist who served as a U.S.…

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Photographer Looking For Veterans going to VN in January

January 7, 2013

Catherine Karnow,  a National Geographic photographer who has been documenting Vietnam for twenty-one years for that august publication as well as for other magazines and books, is putting the final touches on a presentation about that…

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Jeff Stein on Spycraft

February 13, 2012

  Former VVA Veteran editor Jeff Stein had an interesting article in the February 12 edition of The Washington Post Magazine . In "What Makes a Perfect Spy Tick?"  Stein examines the lives of intelligence operatives in several…

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Leo Cullum, 1942-2010

November 2, 2010

Leo Cullum, 68, one of the nation's most prolific and celebrated cartoonists, died of cancer October 23 in Los Angeles. Cullum, who had more than 800 of his light-hearted cartoons---many featuring dogs and cats, businessmen…

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Tim O'Brien on Verisimilitude in Fiction

September 17, 2009

Tim O'Brien, the much-honored novelist whose work is strongly influenced by his Vietnam War service has an interesting essay called "Telling Tails" that deals with what he calls "the centrality of imagination in enduring fiction"…

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The Fantasticks in 1969 — in Vietnam

May 12, 2009

When you think of entertainment for the troops in Vietnam during the war, you naturally think of the Bob Hope USO extravaganzas. But the U.S. military also provided lots of stage entertainment--including rock music by…

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Komunyakaa on Skin Color

January 19, 2009

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More on David Rabe

November 24, 2008

Photo by Tina Barney There's a terrific profile of the playwright David Rabe by John Lahr in the November 24 New Yorker . In the article, headlined "Land of Lost Souls: David Rabe's America, "…

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