Then I Came Home by Sam Gaylord | Books in Review

Sam Gaylord joined the Marines when he was eighteen years old in the summer of 1967. After boot camp and advanced training and a stop in Okinawa, he landed in Danang on February 1, as the Tet Offensive was raging. Gaylord then took part in the Battle of Hue. On June 21, 1968, Sam Gaylord was severely wounded when his company was hit while out in the bush on a search-and-destroy mission. He lost both feet in the attack and had a long, difficult recovery in hospitals in Vietnam and Japan and back home at the Great Lakes and Philadelphia Naval Hospitals.

Gaylord tells his war and difficult postwar stories in his straightforward memoir, Then I Came Home (AuthorHouse, 160 pp., $25.50)

—Marc Leepson

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