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VVA life member Donald Wayne Hendon’s The Way of the Warrior in Business: Battling for Profits, Power and Domination—and Winning Big!  (Maven House Press, 216 pp., $19.95, paper), is a how-to marketing book that offers tons of useful information to sales and marketing folks—information that is framed in military terms.

Hendon—a veteran consultant who specializes in marketing, management, negotiation, and international business—says the book “is about knowing and using military strategies and tactics to increase your profits, your power, your ability to dominate your market.”

Donald Wayne Hendon

The book is based on a seminar that Hendon developed and has presented many times. It’s called “Business Warfare.”

The goal is to become what Hendon calls a “Business Warrior, ” someone who wins in business adapting tactics and strategies used by famed military thinkers. That list includes the ancient Chinese sage Sun-Tzu, Mao Tse-Tung, Karl von Clausewitz, and even the former North Vietnamese leader Le Duan.

“Business, ” Hendon says, “is not just similar to war–it is war!”

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—Marc Leepson

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