The Complete History of the Vietnam Conflict by V.I. Brown | Books in Review

The complete title of U.S. Navy Vietnam War veteran V.I. Brown’s new book is The Complete History of the Vietnam Conflict (Le Comedie Vietnamien): A “Popular” War That Won’t Go Away (Blessed Bet Publications/iUniverse, 444 pp., $37.95, hardcover; $27.95, paper). In it, Brown offers a mostly chronological look at the war’s main components, along with his interpretations of events that took place at home politically and culturally.

Brown says he has “no formal education” in history. The book has no footnotes and a short bibliography, which indicates that the author relied heavily on 1965-76 editions of the Collier’s Encyclopedia Year Book . Brown also includes himself in the narrative, giving details of his tour of duty aboard the USS Coral Sea .

—Marc Leepson

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