Robert Stone, 1937-2015 | Books in Review

The novelist Robert Stone, whose best-known and best-received book, the Pulitizer-Prize-winning Dog Soldiers (1975) dealt with the legacy of the Vietnam War, died January 10 in Key West, Florida. He was 77.

Stone, who served in the U.S. Navy in the mid-1950s, wrote eight novels, two short story collections, and a memoir,  Prime Green: Remembering the Sixties (2007). That book includes a section on Stone’s 1971 trip to Vietnam as a dubious stringer for a British publication.

Here is Marc Leepson’s review of Prime Green, which appeared in the print edition of T he VVA Veteran .

Dog Soldiers was the basis for the 1978 Hollywood movie, Who’ll Stop the Rain , which starred Nick Nolte as Stone’s antihero, Vietnam war veteran Ray Hicks.



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