Pass Me the Rice by Robert G. Kay | Books in Review

Bob Kay retired from the Navy in November 1969 due to wounds he received in Vietnam. Kay had volunteered for Vietnam,  and served in-country for two years on active duty. He then enjoyed six years as a civilian adviser to the Vietnamese Navy.  Pass Me the Rice (AuthorHouse, 568 pp., $33.83, hardcover; $23.28, paper), his absorbing and entertaining memoir, draws upon those two experiences for the sometimes serious, often funny, stories that make up this book.

Kay skips over what he terms the “many boring hours of patrol” and I, as a reader, am grateful he did so. I found the adventures of LT Kay to be a good read that enlightened me about aspects of the American war in Vietnam that lacks much literature—what it is like to patrol the Gulf of Thailand and the South China Sea in a junk and to be a part of a River Assault Group on the South Vietnam rivers seeking to encounter Viet Cong.

Thanks to Bob Kay for this unusual memoir.

—David Willson

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