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Walking back from a visit to the Bucks County Vietnam War Memorial wall in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, which contains the names of the 136 county residents who died in Vietnam, James McComb felt unfulfilled. While he was proud that his county’s largest war memorial was dedicated to those who died in the Vietnam War, McComb felt that more than a wall containing faceless names was needed to honor the sacrifice of those veterans.

Acting on this belief, McComb–a member of VVA Chapter 210 in Doylestown—began work on a book that serves as both an individual and a collective memorial to all 136 individuals listed on the wall. More Than Names On A Wall: Remembering Bucks County’s Veterans Who Lost Their lives Serving our Country during the Vietnam War (CreateSpace, 258 pp., $12.95, paper) is McComb’s end product.

After a brief preface explaining his inspiration for the book, McComb, who served in Vietnam as a radio operator assigned to the 1st Marine Air Wing west of Khe Sanh, dedicates one to two personal pages to each fallen serviceman, organized alphabetically according to the year in which he died. Using mostly information he obtained from the Internet, McComb provides a photo and biographical information, including rank, circumstances of death, and location of service. He also includes a brief (one- or two-paragraph) biography of each individual.

Thanks to McComb’s dedicated work, Bucks County’s Vietnam War dead are no longer just names on a wall. Rather, they are real people with faces, families, lives, and individual stories. As McComb points out in his preface, the fallen veterans “deserve to be known as more than inscriptions on a wall.”

—Dale Sprusansky

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