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The latest edition of MORE THAN MERELY NAMES: An Updated List of Prisoners of War and Missing in Action from Southeast Asia (Task Force Omega, 362 pp., $28, paper) provides an alphabetized list of information about 3, 768 American military personnel, civilians, and foreign nationals who have been listed as POW/MIA or KIA/BNR (body not recovered) from the Vietnam War.

This loosely bound book, first published in 1998, is the work of Task Force Omega’s chair, Patricia Hopper. Her nonprofit group works for a full accounting, and the return of POWs and MIAs who, Hopper says, “have the right to return home, whether they are alive or dead.” Hooper believes that there still are, as she puts it in the book, “live American Prisoners of War in Southeast Asia and our government knows it!”

The individual listings that make up the heart of the book contain the missing person’s original rank, the promoted-to rank, incident date, country of loss, branch of service, incident date, status in 1973, current status, home of record, birthday, name location on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and other information.

The book’s website is

—Marc Leepson

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