More Bang for No Bucks by Colin Campbell | Books in Review

The blurb on the cover of Colin Campbell’s slender More Bang for No Bucks (Camp Bell Press, 93 pp., $13.50, paper) by Colin Campbell tells it all:  “A unique story of Australian soldiers in six U. S. Army self-propelled M 108 Howitzers in Vietnam.”

The book contains history, personal accounts, and lots of excellent photographs, diagrams, and maps, as well as a glossary and thorough endnotes and a list of sources.  If this subject is of interest to you, order this book.

Colin Campbell was a troop commander in Vietnam in 1967-68 and served in the Australian Army for thirty years, retiring as a colonel.

For more info, including how to order in the USA, go to the author’s website .

—David Willson

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