Marines, Medals and Vietnam by William L. Myers | Books in Review

William L. Myers’s Marines, Medals and Vietnam (Redoubt Press, 392 pp., $25, paper) contains detailed descriptions of seventeen Vietnam War combat operations in which U.S. Marines took part. That includes large engagements such as the Siege at Khe Sanh and Operations Starlite, Orange, Dodge City, and Buffalo, along with other actions that never had any official name.

Myers, a former Marine, uses a variety of sources to tell the stories of these engagements, including memoirs, secondary sources, letters and official reports. Some are told in the first person; some in the third. Myers always includes the names, ranks, service numbers, and hometowns of the men who fought in the battles.

He ends the book with a fifty-page  alphabetical  listing of names—along with service numbers, unit, date of the award, age, and hometown—of Marines and Navy corpsmen who  received the Medal of Honor, Navy Cross, Distinguished Service Cross, and Silver Star in the Vietnam War.  

—Marc Leepson

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