Unburied Treasure by Martin C. Coy

On page two of Martin C. Coy’s novel, Unburied Treasure (Xlibris, 156 pp., $29.99, hardcover; $19.99, paper; $3.99, Kindle), we meet an old man, Max. He lives in a retirement community and is taking a model-building class where he’s working on a model of a UH-1 helicopter.

“That’s how I got to work in Vietnam, ” he says. The man he tells this to, Frank, replies: “They were our rides back to safety, too.”

So we have two aging Vietnam veterans in a retirement home. Where is this story going?  The book sort of goes around in a circle, encountering many and various characters of all sorts. All of them are connected by an amulet on a leather string, which is found by children who dig it up in the back of a cave.

The amulet is made of a broken piece of pottery, a shard, which possesses magic. There is an inscription on the shard that says in the ancient Delaware language: “I live in you.”

At the end of this book, the amulet has been returned to the cave where it is about to be dug up by four young exploring friends. “And the adventure goes on, ” the author tells us.

This is a gentle, quietly metaphysical book that can be read in one sitting and that will resonate with many readers.

The author’s website is www.unburiedtreasurebycoy.com

Martin C. Coy

—David Willson

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